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$25,000 Tesla?

Posted on: March 28, 2016 by in blog
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As indicating by Elon Musk, Telsa's state-of-the-art Model 3 will be start at $35K. That means that after all the federal and state tax credits, the ultimate buyer price tag could be as low as $25,000. With the current federal tax credit of $7,500, you might be parking a Tesla in your drive way. For additional info: Continue Reading ....

Volvo Baby Seat Concept

Posted on: March 24, 2016 by in blog
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Continuing to build on their reputation for safety, Volvo has  reinvented the baby car seat. It's only a concept, but check out the technology in this new baby seat. The seat can swivel 90 degrees for easy entry and exit When installed, the passenger airbag is disabled. The driver can see the baby without turning Continue Reading ....